The aim of the Global Senses project is to bring artists, researchers and people working with renewable energies together to explore new models of collaboration on how to integrate and apply renewables through arts and culture, for example in urban culture. We want to bring artists more distinctly to the centre of renewable energy discussion and encourage their role as potential artistic pioneers in the usage of renewables. Our aim is to create a dialogue between people working with arts and culture and those who work in the field of renewables, for example solar, wind and water power, and help to make renewables an essential part of culture and creative action. As a result, artists will bring home ideas and workable solutions to combine their own art and renewables in the future. Thus, furthering sustainability in art and culture.

Along with creating a network for artists, researchers, and those who work in the field of renewables, one of the projects aims is to enhance and support the longterm circulation of information by means of documenting the project through media in order to show the general public how sustainability can be included and renewables used in arts and culture.