Photo: Maailma kylässä -festivaali / World Village Festival

On May 26-27, Kaisaniemi Park in Helsinki will be filled with people, music, films, food, discussions about global issues, and hopefully, sunshine. Since this year’s World Village Festival focuses on the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals with climate action being one of the goals, we decided to go through the festival programme with our environmental lenses on. If you want to hear what kind of challenges climate change presents to development globally, how local societies in the north experience the effects of climate change or if you want to give your kids – and yourself! – a chance to get educated on global warming with the help of melting ice, the following three picks may be something you are interested in.

A better world in 2030? – Not without development co-operation. This discussion on Saturday May 26th addresses the challenges that climate change consequences and economic and social inequalities present to global development. The discussion participants will introduce the results that have been achieved so far and talk about Finland’s role in making the world a better place for everyone.

Globalisation challenges local ways of life. On Sunday May 27th, the Faroese freelance journalist and sociologist Liljan Weihe and the Sami reindeer herdeer, filmmaker and journalist Aslak Paltto discuss the effects of climate change and globalisation and how the Faroese and Sami societies see these effects and how they adapt to the changes brought by climate change and globalisation. The discussion takes place after the documentary film The Islands and the Whales.

Ice workshop for kids. In the workshop, held on Saturday May 26th, you can make water music in a melting ice house and come up with your own solutions to climate change. Sounds like a perfect way to educate the future generations about global warming. Furthermore, there will be ice to work and play with at the end of May!

The previously mentioned discussions will be in English but there are also Finnish discussions such as Kepa Talks: Ilmasto muuttaa kaiken – Mitä tekee Suomi?, Kunnianhimoiset energia- ja ilmastotavoitteet – EU vastaa haasteeseen, EU näyttää mallia, miten ilmastotavoitteet toteutetaan that address the climate change from the point of view of Finland and the EU. Fiksu arki – Voiko kuluttaminen olla kestävää? in turn concentrates on sustainable consumerism and its effects on climate change.

World Village Festival offers a varied programme that highlights the goals of the 2030 Agenda such as climate action, human rights, democracy, peace work and sustainable economy. The geographical focus of this year’s festival is in Africa.

World Village Festival is held in an easy access location in downtown Helsinki, Finland, at May 26-27 2018. The festival is organised by Kepa, an umbrella organisation for development co-operation with main partners the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union, Ben & Jerry’s , Eko Lumme and Maailman Kuvalehti – a magazine with stories from around the world.

Sources: World Village Festival, The United Nations