Last year I stood under these umbrellas eating fair trade ice cream. The photo was taken with solar powered camera. Photo: Tiina Junno

What is your favourite ice cream? When summer rolls in, I am ready to get my ice cream fix. My favourite flavour is strawberry but I am open to new tastes too. These days it is easy to find ice cream that has been made with sustainability in mind. You can choose from, for example, organic ice cream, local ice cream, vegan ice cream and fair trade ice cream. But how about waste food ice cream? What would it taste like? The thought of having ice cream made of waste food has popped into my mind occasionally but I wasn’t sure how it would work. Apparently, I am going to find out sooner rather than later since there will soon be waste food ice cream in the making.

A Helsinki-based waste food restaurant, Loop, has begun a fund raising campaign for waste food ice cream. The campaign runs at, a Finnish site similar to other crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo and GoFundMe, between July 3 to July 22, 2018. Behind the campaign is the non-profit, From Waste to Taste, that fights against climate change and food waste. The organisation is also the founder of Loop restaurant. According to the crowdfunding site, the waste food ice cream will be made, for example, from food industry’s fresh surplus jams or surplus bananas that are thrown away by grocery stores.

I find this idea exhilarating. I love ice cream and I dislike wasting food. The whole food production chain uses a lot of environmental resources even before the food goes to waste. And afterwards, the food that is thrown away continues to add up to the problematic situation in the form of CO2 emissions. According to Natural Resources Institute Finland, yearly food wastage of Finnish households corresponds to the emissions of approximately 100 000 passenger cars. That is quite a burden when thinking about the endurance of this planet. Therefore, all the new ideas to reduce food waste are very welcome.

Now, I shall go and see how I can help in turning this ice cream idea into reality. The crowdfunding campaign runs until July 22, 2018 so hurry up, if you want to support Loop and help in saving the world one ice cream cone at a time!


Text by Tiina Junno

Sources: Loop,, From Waste to Taste, Natural Resources Institute Finland